Our Online Cattle Trading Process

find the right cattle at the right price

The best online cattle buying experience around

HolsteinTrader.com is dedicated to bringing you the best online cattle buying experience around. In order to be as transparent with our customers as possible, take a look at our process below. Whether you’re a large farm or are a smaller operation, we're sure you’ll find the right cattle at the right price with HolsteinTrader.com!

Step 1

Create a profile on HolsteinTrader.com. Contact a rep at HolsteinTrader.com with any questions you may have.

Step 2

Cattle buyers can browse through listings. Once they find the lot of cattle they’ve been looking for, they can place a bid on the lot.

Step 3

The buyer will then speak to a HolsteinTrader.com representative. They will finalize price, delivery date and discuss trucking. All trucking will be handled by HolsteinTrader.com at the buyers expense.

Step 4

HolsteinTrader.com will send a contract, which the buyer will return and then deposit the down payment into the HolsteinTrader.com account.

Step 5

It’s delivery day! On delivery day, cattle are loaded and weighed. HolsteinTrader.com will collect weigh tickets and determine the actual price based on the weight. We’ll invoice the buyer with the adjusted price. The buyer will then wire money to the HolsteinTrader.com account. It’s important to note that money is held and not released to the seller until the buyer approves of the cattle they bought.

Step 6

Once the buyer approves of the cattle, the money is then released to the seller, and the transaction is complete.

If you have questions about our process or if you’d like more information, contact HolsteinTrader.com today!